When we first joined Denver Elite, we were impressed by the professionalism of the coaches and staff (the “no drama” factor is a huge plus for us!). As the years have passed and we have seen many changes in the composition of the team, the one attribute that seems to make Denver Elite stand out among all other programs continues to be the professionalism and individual attention that you and your coaches have exhibited without fail. I have seen every coach, from Trevor Tierney to Matt Brown to Bill Tierney, take the time to stay late (on bitterly cold nights!), answer any player’s questions thoughtfully and directly (not just the inquiries of players that have been around a while, or that everyone knows). And, in speaking recently to new parents to Denver Elite, they tell me how happy their kids are to be playing and how much they appreciate the time and attention every one of the coaches devotes to the players. Our son has learned much more than the game of lacrosse - he has been fortunate to have coaches/mentors who emphasize integrity and hard work as the hallmark of success, rather than wins. So, thank you. We are grateful.
— Margaret Tezak

I wanted to thank you personally for the great experience my son had on the Novice D-Elite Box team this season. He really enjoyed the program and especially enjoyed his time with your father in Calgary—learning about character/integrity, sportsmanship, tradition, strategy and skills.

As the youngest on the team, our son struggled with his confidence playing on the U-11 field team for the two June tournaments and was very frustrated with the game...but after playing in Canada and getting great advice from you, your father and coach Shewchuck, he was like a new player in the July field tournaments and, most importantly, a new boy (self-confident, character/sportsmanship, more curious about the game (he started stringing his own sticks after the trip, reading about the Salmon Bellies, etc.). Thank you for that!
— Nate Ford

I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you to yourself and the Denver Elite staff/coaches for the great experience you provided my son as a member of your team. My son has played lacrosse on your Denver Elite Team since its inception. His last game with DE was Sunday in Las Vegas. The program taught him the game of lax and allowed him to play at a very high level and against very good competition. You also taught these kids / young men to be citizen of the game and how to conduct themselves as members of society. My son has spoken very highly of his experience with the Denver Elite Program and his teammates. Regardless of where these players end up in life they will always be friends and have fond memories as a DE player. With this I cannot imagine a better place that he could have played lax. So again I say thank you.
— Matt Phelps

I would like to thank you so much for all your support, influence and fantastic coaching for our son. His entire experience with DE has been nothing but positive both on and off the field. Trevor, you and all the coaches have helped mold and mentor these boys into quality young men. It’s bittersweet to see the time with DE come to a close. It’s truly been a highlight these past several years!
— Bernadette and Kelly Tynan

My son said this about his experience this summer, “It was the most exciting sports thing I’ve ever done!!” Thank you for all your hard work and patience. He truly grew as a lacrosse player, but more importantly, his confidence as a young boy grew as well. DU Elite was a refreshing atmosphere and provided such an inclusive environment for the players and coaches. Everyone felt like our kids were being taught the important things about the sport and consequently about life. With DU Elite, winning is important, but it’s more about what makes you a winner regardless of the score. Thanks again to you and Jamie. He loved it.
— Khale Burkett

David and I wanted to thank you for all of the time and work you put into the Denver Elite program. This is our son’s third year and we have seen great improvements in your program each and every year. We are very grateful for the amazing coaching that our son is receiving. We think that having our son play up with the 2014’s last year was such a great situation for him. We see that his play and confidence on the field has grown immensely. We know that you and the coaches have played a big part in this. It is surely a young lacrosse players dream to be practicing at DU with past All Americans and current DU players! We are very excited about this 2015 team and the way that they play and look forward to seeing what they will do this summer with a season of high school lax under their belt. Thank you for taking the time to answer our son’s questions when he has asked them in his emails. This is foreign territory to him and to us so we appreciate the help.
— Kelli and David Russell

After reading your recap email today, we just needed to email you about all that we have felt about DU program so far (in our very early stages). Our son came to the clinic/tryouts for the first time this year. We have tried several different programs and quickly realized the politics and what is best for kids was not always the focus. From the very first day of the DU Clinic/Tryouts, we felt a positive difference. It seemed clean and fair and Landon always came home so pumped from them. We never really stressed the “tryout” piece and focused more on the clinic and improvement of skills piece. So when the team roster came out we were so excited and proud of our son. We checked the email at 3:00 a.m. (because we had to let the dogs out:) and then woke him up to tell him. He could not go back to sleep and kept coming in to our room and saying things like: “Can I see the roster? I need to see my name on the roster.” and “They picked ME mom & dad, and they didn’t even really know me, which feels so good.” Our son has played lacrosse since he was a 1st grader. He has never lost his love for the game and what we have noticed about him in the last several years is that he plays for the love of the game and for his desire to improve rather than to impress someone. The best part about this whole experience, so far, is that he has been so so appreciative of our support and always tell us. He knows going to Dallas is a big deal and he is grateful to have the opportunity. He is a very coachable kid and will work hard. He knows he is up against some very strong competition but is willing to work hard for it. We look forward to our weekend in Dallas and the continued winter box clinics/tryouts. Thank you for running a clean program that is all about kids and solid communication. We really appreciate it!
— Mary Lynn and Mike Baird

I’ve been meaning to email you but just wanted to thank you and the coaches for a great Sunday morning skills training thoughout the Fall. Our son just loves lax and being a 5th grader, he honestly didn’t even know that it was a “tryout.” He wants to play year-round so we are signing him up for anything and everything right now. :) We appreciate and value the great instruction and feel that he just is truly enjoying the sport and benefitting from the instruction. Our other son also had a great time and saw how steep the competition is...he was pretty blown away by the talent and gave some props to his brother for his skills...as a momma, its always great when siblings can celebrate each other! :) Thanks again for your time and energy with the youth! They think it is so cool to come to DU and get to work with college coaches and parents. I appreciate your blog on www.tierlacrosse.com and the life lessons in sports are always a great “take-a-way” for life in general.
— Debbie Wahlenmaier

First of all thank you for hosting great opportunity for all the boys. I watch several sessions and each provided great touches for all. Great to see a concept with minimal standing around. Secondly, thank you for the follow up and the advice. While our son did not make the squad he enjoyed the experience and improved in many ways. He thought you guys did a great job and will take your advice and give it a go again next year.
— Chester Wheeler

Thank you very much for all your efforts to encourage these boys. I thought your camp was exceptional and my son very much enjoyed the experience...even though he was bummed he was not chosen for DE.
— Kimberly Johnson

First, thank you for all you’ve done with regard to helping my son become the best he can be as a lacrosse player, a student and a person. I don’t believe that his experience with Denver Elite could be duplicated, or even mimicked, by any other lacrosse club or organization. To that affect, we are absolutely committed to the Denver Elite program as a family.
— Kyle Castle

Just wanted to say that after day one of camp-my son is having a blast and it is far and above the best camp experience any of my children have experienced! Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity and lacrosse experience for my son. We will be attendees for many, many years!
— Heidi Carlson

We have to thank you for a great experience in Calgary. With the short time you have with the boys, you have done a lot with the coaching to get them a highly competitive level. We were up against teams that had a full season, but it shows that solid coaching delivers results. We saw the biggest improvements in our son’s game in many years as a result.
— Doug Liles

Thanks for the weekend. My boys had a great time at the tournament...this trip for us was about facing good competition and getting better as a team and we achieved both goals. Very well run and a great facility. We’ll definitely be looking to return next year.
— Carlos Trujillo

I just wanted to thank you for a great tournament this past weekend. It was so well run and my son thoroughly enjoyed himself.
— Pam Babb

Thank you for the great camp/ tournament this weekend. It was really well run and well represented by some good teams, in addition to your Denver Elite teams. Weather was great too.
— Tom Souza

Wow! Nice job. I just wanted to let you know my sons can’t stop talking about what a great camp it was. That is until they fell asleep in the car half way home. They stated that all the coaches/players were super nice and fun to hang around with. They learned a lot and can’t wait to do it again next year. Please share our gratitude with the staff for a job well done. Go Pioneers!!
— The Bramer Family

Thank you for a great experience—my son has been WELL worked, I can’t wait to hear all his stories! Thank you as well for all the communications—that made my part of the experience easier and much less stressful. Can’t wait ‘til next year!
— Monica Peloso

As a parent I appreciate all that you and your staff have done for this camp, and all of the previous DU camps my son has attended, this is his fourth year. It is his dream to play for DU, and I want to thank you and everyone involved for making that seem like a possibility. Every day he spends at that camp with you and the other DU coaches and players is an inspiration to him. We both attended all of the DU games, and watched the away games that were televised. You, your staff, your dad, and your team had a great season, congratulations for that! The DU lacrosse program is something to be very proud of. Hopefully he can be a part of that in his future...
— Bear Miller

After having a rough season, my son has the skip in his step again. He enjoyed camp so much! After 2 bowls at Illegal Pete’s, he started talking at University and Evans and didn’t stop until we pulled into the driveway, 50 miles away. He explained so much in detail I had to decompress after the car ride! The pick and roll and why you don’t roll to the goal but toward the player with the ball, etc... I can’t thank the two of you enough - he is so committed to being a great player in lacrosse and I know that he would not be the player he is today without you or this program.
— Shelley Jensen

So often no one says thank you for all the work that happens on behalf of our children. This fall ball clinic has been a wonderful opportunity. Our son has been working with a trainer who has commented on his skill improvement from the clinic. Thank you for all the hard work you all put into our future lacrosse players. We appreciate your thoughtful, thorough planning.
— Jessica Downs

All of your hard work has really had some positive impact. Not only do we feel that our son has learned some very valuable lacrosse skills (and life skills from great role models which to me is equally important), he has received a good bit of interest from the Div. III top 20 lacrosse schools. He’s got a few coaches calling putting some pressure on him to commit. Kind of crazy for a Div III. They are all promising “scholar merits”. I promised Coach Brown that I would send him a list of the schools that have been contacting our son so you know the level of interest your program has been generating. Thank you...
— Amy Ritger

I’m not one to email after events or camps, but I did want to write and congratulate you and everyone else involved on conducting a tremendous clinic for the boys. Regardless of whether my son was selected for the elite teams or not, this has been the best clinic/camp experience he’s had. As a former lacrosse player and current youth coach, I appreciated the promptness each Sunday session began with, the well planned schedule, the man-power provided and most of all, the hands-on instruction, expertise and explanations given to all the boys. I really thought this was a great opportunity for every player to improve. I hope you and DU will continue these type of teaching opportunities and I will definitely continue to encourage all of our players involved with the Patriot Lacrosse Club in Colorado Springs to participate. Thanks again.
— Craig Miller

What a nice thing for you guys to do for the kids!!! I also want to thanks you for getting me in touch with Kevin Unterstein. He was awesome with my son, who had a great time working with him. We will continue to get my son to work out with Kevin as the crazy schedules permit. Thanks to you and the whole DU program for making such a positive impact on the kids and the Lacrosse community.
— Chris Mease

You ran a great camp—very instructive to your point and definitely fulfilled the promised experience. Now we just want to get free to do more lax!
— Lorie Sadler

I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given my son to play for Denver Elite. As a father, I am very proud of him and how hard he has worked to get to this point. He has very much enjoyed being a part of Denver Elite these past few weeks.
— Skip Allen

I just wanted to drop you guys a quick line to thank you for coaching the kids this past weekend. My son had a blast and received tons of playing time out in Baltimore. It always helps his work ethic when he plays with guys that are more accomplished than he is and against better defensemen. Hopefully he can try out again in the Spring. Thanks again it was a well run camp and tournament.
— Mark Williams

My son had a great time with the Denver Elite Program you ran here in the fall...Opportunities like the one you provided develop the players in so many ways. Thank you!
— Geoff Baylis

We are so proud to represent Denver Elite!! All of our boys, are so excited, and thrilled to be Denver Elite players. Many times, to include tonight, they had such awesome things to say about their coaches!! Our three sons, will do their best and then some. Thanks for everything. Here is to the future of our lacrosse familiy in Denver! PROUD TO BE PART OF YOUR PROGRAM!
— The Alfred Family

Again, thank you for the successful fall and the games in Texas were a blast! There is no question our son got better because of the on field drills and the instruction that have been taking place the past couple of months. So thank you for doing this. We look forward to having our son involved in the future and if there is anything I can do to help spread news of your program here in Colorado Springs and specifically with Patriot Lacrosse, I coach the 8th grade red team, please let me know.
— Craig and Liz Miller

My sincerest thanks to all of you for your dedication, talent, patience and modeling the way for these young men. I am very pleased with the Denver Elite experience, your coaching, time and leadership given. It is because of people such as yourselves why the sport of lacrosse will thrive and grow in a positive manner in Colorado. My son learned so much from you. I thank you for this experience, and your belief in my son. I look forward to many more opportunities for our paths to cross in the Denver metro lacrosse community. Thank you for a job well done.
— Barb Goettelman

I would like to thank you for going throught he effort of conducting the very valuable clinic and getting the teams together for Dallas. I know that my son learned a whole lot and if possible has an even greater interest in lacrosse. I wanted to give you some feedback on Kyle Lambert. He is an amazing coach and was just amazing with the kids. He was a much different coach than my son has had in the past but I think he was perfect for the Silver team. With the championship game on the line going into overtime my son said that he just said - “Hey this is what lacrosse is all about, let’s have fun!” The kids loved it. I never once heard him criticize a player although he did give them feedback. Very impressive. There was talk that the team qualified for the U15 Nationals with this tournament win. I’m not sure if you have even had a chance to think about that. My son would probably be interested. There was some great competition down in Dallas and Sean learned and saw some great skills from both teammates and also competitors. Thanks again for all the great effort and we would like to participate in any future programs that you and DU have to offer as we are able to.
— Nils Lavine

Thank you for a really unforgettable experience with the indoor lacrosse program that wrapped up this past Sunday. My son was on the 5th grade “Wings” team and I can tell you he looked forward to these sessions all week long. It was a great program that clearly succeeded in improving the players’ skill levels, and was a lot of fun. I think it was a great decision to keep the focus almost 100% on hands-on playing time. The kids of course have a lot to learn from the coaches, but given the relatively short time period of this program I think they gained maximum benefit by just getting the chance to touch the ball dozens (hundreds?) of times each Sunday.
— Tim Zee

I think in the end the indoor program you and Matt have put together is a GREAT PRODUCT. More please. Satisfied customer on Aisle 9!
— Doug Liles

I understand the tryouts were very organized and well run. Not always the case in this sport, so thank you and the group.
— Gerry T. Jones

My son participated in the Lacrosse camp held at DU last week. He had an absolute blast. He and two other friends were day campers and had to leave the house around 7:30 each morning. Could not believe he jumped up each morning and was ready to leave on time, every time! You and your staff did a great job! Thanks!
— Brenda Nath

Thanks again for an awesome week! Bradley loved every minute of his time at your camp :)
— Stacy Terry

My son and 3 of his friends were at camp last week from Edmond Oklahoma, I just wanted to say “Thanks” for the great camp. They were stretched but had a great time. Thanks for the great coaching.
— Marc Anderson

Thanks again for a fabulous camp! First one ever that Spencer and Andre had a great time. Always came home happy and full of new learnings and stories. Prepared well for school tryouts with continued practice they might have a chance.
— Kelly Glascock

Congrats on putting together a great first tournament. My son was fortunate to be invited to play for Regis. I truly appreciate the suggestions regarding recruiting for my son. He is exhibiting an interest, work ethic and talent to perhaps grow towards being able to play in college. The ideas about highlight videos, YouTube clips, etc. that you sent out to the entire group are most helpful. Welcome to Denver. I don’t know your family well but your great reputation precedes you. We are glad you are here to help lacrosse grow in the “West.” Thanks, again for putting on a great tournament.
— Tom Warren

Thanks again for running such an amazing camp. The boys had a great experience and will definitely be back next year!
— Michele Castle

I just wanted to again thank you, Matt Brown, Alex and Stephen for a fantastic summer of lacrosse. In my opinion, every aspect of the Denver Elite Program was terrific. Our son would never consider playing for another Denver program.
— Charlie Van Hook

Denver Elite has our heart and and we will work our butts off to keep you thinking of us! Our family is proud to be part of the DU program and working with the best coaches around.
— Chris Alfred

We’re in with Denver Elite. Denver Elite is here for the long term and it’s the best place for Colorado boys to learn and get the exposure they deserve. You guys do everything.
— Geoff Baylis

Our loves you guys and he/we did have a great experience with you and the other coaches. We are singing DE praises all the time...keep it up and please let us know what we can do to further the program!
— Tim Snowbarger

A+ for your Denver ELITE Lacrosse Program!!
— Sarah Wilby

Thanks for a really great summer with Denver Elite. Our son learned more and had more fun than ever before!
— Tom McCaffrey

The D Elite experience has been, by far, the best tourney team experience our sons have had. They both learned so much in the last year and have been working hard since Maryland anticipating the fall tryouts. We truly appreciate the coaching for clinics and team practices, the consistency and the expectations. The tournaments have been great experiences as well but we greatly value the work to get there. We are so excited to see them evolve as players through high school and if their dreams come true and hard work pays off - beyond. We feel fortunate they have the opportunity to work with you and be a part of D Elite.
— Dawn Odean

I just wanted to send a huge thank you for the Sunday sessions to you, Coach Brown and the other coaches. My son had a great time and learned immensely. I am so glad that he has the opportunity to learn and develop with help from the top coaches in the country. He told me last Sunday that he can’t wait for lacrosse season to start. I just wanted him to learn and cannot thank you and the other coaches enough for your time, efforts and dedication. He will be a better player and teammate because of your help.
— Jim Cramer

I want to thank you for the coaching clinic that you and your staff hosted today. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to be on the field with the coaches and players during practice. Seeing new drills was inspiring and hearing the same “encouragement” for fundamentals that I’ve offered to my players over the years was most reassuring! The “chalk talk” session was also great. I love the strategy of the game and learning how minor changes to offensive and defensive systems can make significant differences in how those systems work. But, the thing that I appreciate most was your willingness, even eagerness, to “hold the torch” for Lacrosse in Colorado. By your position at DU, you are at the apex of the game in the state and the whole Rocky Mountain Region. To hear you say that “you are here for us” and that that you want to help all the programs in the area was truly magnanimous. I don’t know how many “Thank You’s” you’ll get...but I sure wanted to log one of them!! Your efforts and attitude are greatly appreciated!
— John K. Worden

I wanted to thank you and let you both know that our son absolutely had a blast. He and his teammates were teammates from the get go. He has played against many of these boys over the years either when he was with Blue Sky or with Panther. And that added to the experience. He became good friends with many of the other players. I enjoyed my time with the parents, again many who we played against, and we all talked about how the boys played as a team. It was a very positive experience for him. He tried out last year but this years format of fielding two teams was spot on. Kyle did a great job with the Team. He gave them input on their play but more than that his demeanor and attitude was contagious for the boys and was what they needed facing the challenges of the last two games. I respect him immensely for that. Taylor added a great deal of value working with the boys individually as well. Our son learned more than he perceived and he added value to the Team. Kyle had him play long pole midi and he absolutely loved it. Kyle had our son play a lot of D and O. He responded to that extremely well. Again, he had a blast. It was all worth it. We plan to participate in the future as much as we can when the Warthogs (Scott Evans off season Panther Team) schedule doesn’t conflict. Our son loves DU.
— Don and Barb Day

Jeff and I can’t thank you and Matt Brown enough for this program. Our son was back on his rebounder / shooting into the goal before 8 am Tuesday. After school, he and 2 of his team mates went to the “green room” at Colorado College for 3 hours of play. He is so hungry to better himself and if you guys didn’t have this program I don’t know what we’d do. The skills training and even some of the conditioning moves that you’ve challenged him with he works on here, in our back yard and driveway. Now, if you could please teach him to move the rebounder to the side of the driveway so I don’t crack my tail light again?
— Shelley Jensen

Just wanted to write a quick note and tell you all thank your for a great time in NJ. What a good experience for Chet. He now knows he has a lot of work to do if he wants to become a varsity lacrosse player as well as a college player. Thank you for all the hard work you do for all these young boys it doesn’t go unnoticed.
— Cheryl Dunstan

Thank you for your guidance and mentorship of the 2013’s this past weekend in Maryland. My son had a good time. I can tell he learned alot and is very appreciative of the experience... especially playing the 2012 Crabs Team. The Denver Elite program continues to help my son evolve into a lax player of character and continued athletic growth. We’ll let you know how he does this February when my son participates in try-outs for the Cherry Creek HS teams. In the meantime, my sincere gratitude.
— Barb Goettelman

Thank you for all that you do with Denver Elite and coaching our youth lacrosse in Denver. The boys progressed from the beginning of the sessions through the fall tournament and for me, that is what matters most. Coach Lambert did a great job with the U-13 team in Dallas and the boys shared how much fun they had palying for him. I am encouraging all my players to participate in the second session box league. We will see you in January.
— Robb Host

Just a quick note to thank you and Matt for running a top notch program. We came here from Philadelphia a few years ago and have been struggling to find a good fit - You two have done a fantastic job organizing and running an excellent program. Having the right example at the top is the difference between a good program and a lifelong lesson. Raising 3 boys is a challenge - finding an excellent coach is a gift. I particularly appreciate how you hold the kids accountable, teaching them how to accept defeat as well as being humble with success, all the while remaining a gentleman. Your program is excellent and we appreciate your style and excellent communication to parents - it’s the child’s turn on the field! I am excited for their opportunities. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you soon.
— Lisa and Brian Connell

Thank you for orchestrating yet another amazing skill-building opportunity for young lacrosse players. I’m blown away by the huge value the clinic is immediately providing for my son who has left each of this week’s sessions talking non-stop about how much he’s learned. Prepping for and traveling to the Lone Star Shootout with your U13 team this year was the highlight of his lacrosse career and the hands-on, high-quality coaching you guys are providing is 100% the reason for his feeling that way.
— Tim Zee