LXTC GoaliE EvolutioN AcademY

Directed and coached by Trevor Tierney and Ryan LaPlante

The challenges facing lacrosse goalies today are immense. The position is one of the hardest to play in all of sports, yet there are very few coaches out there who know how to train goalies in an effective manner. Also, a lot of the traditional teachings for goalies that most coaches use are outdated and ill-conceived for today's game.

In response to these problems, LXTC has decided to create the Goalie Evolution Academy directed by Trevor Tierney and Ryan LaPlante. This academy is a ten-week, high-end and advanced clinic for goaltenders from 10-18 years old. The size of the clinic will be limited to 20 spaces so that each goalie gets plenty individualized attention throughout the ten week program. Personalized evaluations will be given to each goalie as well at the end of the program.

Trevor Tierney is the only goalie in the history of the game to have won an NCAA Championship (with Princeton University in 1998 and 2001), a MLL Championship (with Baltimore Bayhawks in 2005), and a FIL World Championship (with Team USA in 2002). Trevor won the NCAA DI Outstanding Goalie of The Year as he led the nation in save percentage and goals against. He grew up learning how to play goalie from his father, Coach Bill Tierney, and all of the great goalies of that time including Larry Quinn, Quint Kessenich, Scott Baciagalupo, Bill Daye, and Sal Locasio. From that background, he created a curriculum entitled the, "Evolution In Goaltending" to help younger goalies that is available to watch for free on YouTube. Trevor also served as an assistant coach at the University of Denver for the past six years where he coached the goalies and helped guide the team to their first ever National Championship.

One of Trevor's greatest protegés, Ryan LaPlante, grew up playing lacrosse in Colorado. These two goalies and friends started working together when Ryan was only 13 years old. Ryan grew into one of the finest college goalies in the nation at the DI level, and led the University of Denver to win the 2015 National Championship. Ryan has taken what he learned from Trevor and shaped it into his own style and built upon it to pass down to future generations of goalies.

Both Trevor and Ryan are excited to start their first full-time goalie academy together and they hope to make it a continuous year-round opportunity for Colorado lacrosse goalies to grow and develop from. Both Trevor and Ryan get requests all the time to do individual lessons, but unfortunately due to busy lifestyles, those are an impossibility, which is why they are bringing this opportunity to goalies and their families.



The LXTC Goalie Evolution Academy has been a tremendous help to me. It is by far the best goalie coaching or clinic I have experienced. Throughout the 10-week program, I learned much more about the stance, position, and technique needed to be a high-level goalie. The coaches Ryan LaPlante and Trevor Tierney along with the current DU goalies offered one on one coaching, advice, and drills that helped me develop my skills. I am more confident in the goal and make more saves as a result of GEA. I look forward to attending again to improve my game.
— Jack Thompson
The LXTC Goalie Evolution Academy was by far the best goalie clinic I’ve ever been through. It was 100% goalie specific unlike most other camps. Every coach was out there dedicated to get you better, and the kids were there to get better too. Finally, we got to look at and see what we can improve on in the future after the camp was over.

I really appreciated the fact the it was a goalie specific camp. Most camps these days for goalies are overall camps and they have a goalie division of the camp. Or, it’s a shooter clinic and the goalies do a little bit of work, and then just get shelled by the shooters. At GEA the whole clinic was just for goalies.

Another point that I really enjoyed was the all the coaches where there dedicated to help you personally get better. If you had one bad habit or something you were starting to develop the was wrong, they immediately coached you on how to fix it. They were all there to help you perfect everything you were struggling with. Along with this, all the players that were there were working hard to get better with the coaches.

A finally thing that I really enjoyed about GEA was that at the end was were filmed on a GoPro and got to see what we could improve on. One of our Coaches Ryan LaPlante used a voiceover on the video and told us what we needed to work on as the video went on.

GEA has for sure helped me to progress and certain things I wasn’t very good at before. For example, before camp my hand speed was super fast but my feet were lacking in speed. I worked with Ryan and Trevor on it and I’ve gotten much faster since. It’s still not perfected, but after GEA I have all the tools I need to continue to work on it. If there was and other thing I would’ve liked to have seen happen, it would’ve been for us to come up with some different drills to do on the side when were not in the net.
— Tim Beach
I really loved the camp that Ryan and Trevor put together. I use all of the drills and coaching from Ryan and Trevor everyday and it has helped my level of playing dramatically. As Trevor said at every camp ‘be the best’ and the things I learned to this camp are helping me be the best lacrosse goalie I can be. I absolutely loved it and could recommend it to any goalie.
— Spencer Burwell
The LXTC Goalie Evolution Academy is a game changer. If you have a son or daughter that plays goalie in lacrosse, this is where you go to be trained by the best goalie Coaches in the country. Trevor Tierney and Ryan Laplante have generously created this clinic with goalies as the priority in mind. As a current youth Head Coach for the past 6 years and level 3 certified US Lacrosse Coach, I highly recommend this 10 week clinic a must for your player ages 11-18 years old. Most coaches don’t know how to train goalies as they are just thrown in the net with insufficient guidance. Also there is less than a handful of goalie specific training camps/clinics in the nation and I can assure you this one is the real deal. Lacrosse goalie is one of the most difficult positions in sports and the LXTC Goalie Evolution Academy will help you reach your maximum potential. After 10 weeks my sons technique, confidence and proficiency was bar none.
— Ben Cecil
My son got his first game ball today and was a virtual human highlight reel in the first half against a very tough DLC red team today. I remember playing that team when my son was in the first grade. Back then he was only dreaming of being a goalie as his team had an older boy they preferred to play. From a father’s perspective, to see your son work hard and develop as he has under all of your tutelage is incredibly gratifying. There are few things I have paid for in my life that were worth every penny spent: Goalie Evolution Academy is one of them. I can’t thank you enough for all you, Trevor and the boys do. I look forward to seeing my son develop over the years with you.
— Dave Nowick M.D.