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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our second year of yoga classes for lacrosse players on Sunday evenings. Last year was a great success and many of the players loved coming to these sessions every week!

Many top college programs and professional players are turning to yoga to help them increase their flexibility, body awareness, balance, strength and mental focus. Many young athletes focus solely on lifting and running, which can lead to tightness and injuries. Yoga allows athletes to stay loose, healthy and increase their athletic ability in a gentler way. We have developed a four week curriculum that is specifically geared towards helping lacrosse players get loosened up for their upcoming season!

Young athletes can be intimidated by going to a public yoga studio, so this will be a great way for them to get introduced to the practice with other lacrosse players their age. April Glaser, along with the help of Trevor Tierney, has designed great yoga classes specifically for young athlete lacrosse players. Trevor has said many times about yoga, “I wish that I had been introduced to yoga earlier in my athletic career. Once I started practicing it as a professional lacrosse player, I became more flexible, faster and stronger in different ways. Also, it helped my hamstrings and lower back loosen up and not hurt anymore.”

April Glaser has been teaching for seven years and is a well-respected teacher at some of the top yoga studios in Boulder and Denver. She received her yoga teaching certification from Core Power Yoga in 2007, and shortly after packed up her yoga mat to travel the world. She has taught on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico and Nosara, Costa Rica, as well as in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai, Thailand. She's also studied on a yoga and meditation retreat in Reshekish, India. April has experience in teaching to beginners, children, elderly in retirement homes, dancers, athletes, women recovering from breast cancer, and everyone else in between. She loves the way yoga can help increase concentration, personal strength, flexibility, relaxation, health, and an overall sense of well-being. In addition to teaching yoga, April is a certified Thai Massage practitioner, with a home practice in Boulder, CO. The boys have enjoyed learning from yoga from April in the past, so we are excited to have her offering these classes again.

Dates: Every Sunday from January 18th through May 31st
Times600PM to 700PM 
Location:  Ritchie Center, DU Campus |  3rd floor, Studio C
Open to:  Players in grades 6-12
Cost: $165 for 10 sessions (so players basically can come to whatever 10 sessions that they want from all the Sundays that are offered, if they want to come to more then they can buy more sessions later)
Equipment: Every participant should bring their own yoga mat (you can get one at pretty much any department store at a fairly cheap price), a towel and a water bottle. Everyone should wear shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt. No socks in yoga!