DENVER, CO - The ten Denver Elite field teams wrapped up their 2017 summer with an overall record of 152-56-4 and 15 tournament championships. Throughout this past season, Denver Elite proved itself to be one of the strongest and most consistent club programs in the country, throughout all of its age groups. 

Many of the teams played in some of the top tournaments in the country this summer including the Adrenaline Platinum Cup, Naptown Challenge, and Vail Shootout. Also, the Denver Elite Blue teams (B teams at a number of different ages) competed at a high level throughout the summer and brought home some exciting championship wins.

Denver Elite players stood out at individual showcases including Maverik Showtime, Adrenaline Black Card, and Nike Bluechip. One standout performance at these events included Jake Taylor winning MVP in the Showtime All-Star 2019 game, which he played alongside in with Cole Finley-Ponds and August "Mustang" Sally. Ty Hussey also played in the Showtime All-Star 2020 game.

On top of all these accomplishments, many of the Denver Elite players continue to get recruited by college coaches from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, and MCLA teams. The list of committed Denver Elite players can be viewed at the Denver Elite information page at the LXTC website.

This coming fall, the Denver Elite teams are proud to be joining the NLF along with other premier club teams from around the country.

2018 Denver Elite

Adrenaline Platinum Cup (4-1; Semifinals appearance): 7-6 win over the eventual champs NXT Philly 2018.

Denver Shootout (5-0; Champions): only gave up 12 goals all tourney, 10-4 win over Claremont for the Championship.

Naptown Challenge (3-2)

Adrenaline Western Shootout (5-0; Champions): winning 14-2 in the championship over the Thunderbolts.

2019 Denver Elite

Adrenaline Platinum Cup (5-1; Champions): beat Madlax in semis in double overtime, then beat Mesa Fresh in Championship. 

Denver Shootout (4-1; Championship appearance)

Nap Town Challenge (2-2)

Adrenaline Western Shootout (6-0; Champions): earned the number one seed and won the championship by beating RC Elite. 

2020 Silver Denver Elite

Adrenaline Platinum Cup (3-2): 3-0 first day with a big win over MadLax, lost to champions by 1.

Denver Shootout (4-1; Champions): win over 3d NorCal in the championship.

Nap Town Challenge (4-2; Semifinals appearance): big wins over MadLax and NXT and loss to Team 91 in the semis. 

Adrenaline Western Shootout (6-0; Champions): championship win over the Las Vegas Starz.

2020 Blue Denver Elite

Denver Shootout (4-1): 7-6 OT win over New Wave Volt for 5th place.

Vail Shootout (3-3): beat Team 12 Stripes 6-4 to close out the opening day, finished in 5th with a 6-5 OT win over Colorado Fire Select.

Legends Western Invitational (1-4): 1-4, beat Minnesota Chill 8-4.

Adrenaline Western Shootout (1-1-1): 1-1-1, tied SD United HS, beat Doco 2020 8-3, beat Minnesota Loons in playoff as 4 seed vs. 1 seed 8-3, lost in championship 4-5 against Utah LC.

2021 Silver Denver Elite

Platinum Cup (1-4): competed hard and lost two games by 1 goal.

Vail Shootout (6-1; Champions): lost first game 3-5 to FCA then clicked as a team and went on to win the tournament going through the Denver Rifles in the semi finals winning 6-2 then persevering through a deficit in the second half of the championship game - beating FCA 6-5 in OT.

Naptown Challenge (1-5)

Adrenaline Western Shootout (6-0; Champions)

2022 Silver Denver Elite

Platinum Cup (2-3; Semifinals appearance): 4th place. 

Vail (3-3): 6th place.

Legends West Utah (5-0; Champions)

Adrenaline Western Shootout (5-0; Champions): OT Win over Texas United in championship. 

2022 Blue Denver Elite

Trilogy (5-0; Champions): win over Team 11 in semis and 7-6 win over Laxworld in championship.

Denver Shootout (5-0; Champions): 6-5 win over Boulder in championship.

Western Legends Utah (3-2)

Adrenaline Western Shootout (3-1-1)

2023 Silver Denver Elite

Adrenaline Platinum Cup (2-3; Semifinals appearance): wins over BBL 8-6, 8-5 and finished in 3rd place.

Vail Shootout (5-1; Championship appearance): big wins against Wash Park and Club Blue in Pool Play.

Legends Western Shootout (5-0): due to bumping up a division to play 2022 teams on Sunday, the team was unable to compete for the championship. 

Adrenaline Western Shootout (4-1): big win over RC.

2023 Blue Denver Elite

Trilogy Tournament (4-1; Championship appearance)

Denver Shootout (3-2)

Western Shootout Utah (3-2-1; Champions): OT win over SM Dragons and win over Moving-Up in Championship

Adrenaline Tournament (0-3-2): 7th Place. Tied the top 2023 DOCO team.

2024 Denver Elite

Trilogy Baltimore (4-2; Championship appearance): had 2 losses to the Baltimore Looneys. 

Denver Shootout (4-1; Championship appearance): lost to Next Level in OT of the championship game.

Vail Shootout (7-0; Champions): beat Next Level team in the championship game.

Adrenaline Western Shootout (6-0; Champions): beat Evolve in the championship game 8-5.