Sunday Playoff Schedule:
Here is the email with Playoff Schedule and Rankings for Sunday games. Please note the color codes for the bracket is the same as Saturday schedule.

Note on Bracket Color Reference: 
2016-17 Bracket is in red
2018 Bracket is in green
2019 Bracket is in blue

This is the schedule for the DU Pioneers High School Team Challenge, as of November 20th, 2015.  

Note on Bracket Color Reference: 
2016-17 Bracket is in red
2018 Bracket is in green
2019 Bracket is in blue

Tourney Machine: 
Click here to get to the Tourney Machine scheduler for this tournament. At this time, the DU Fall Team Challenge is not yet complete on Tourney Machine, but will be up and running no later than Thursday. For now, you can reference the schedule published above.

Check In & Club Director Binder:

  • Teams are free to arrive at any time prior to their first game. 
  • There is limited field space to warm up prior to games.

Game Rules:

  • 2 minute running halves
  • 2 minute halftime
  • Penalty time is 60 or 90 seconds (time & 1/2 for penalties)
  • 1 timeout per game for each team
  • Sudden Death Overtime with no timeouts
  • Tie breakers for Sunday's Bracket Play is based first on Goals Against, then Point Differential if necessary

Travel & Directions to DU:

  • For those traveling to and from Denver International Airport (DIA).
  • Directions from DIA: Take Pena Blvd until you merge onto I-70 W, almost immediately use exit 282 and merge onto I-225 S.  Take exit 1B for I-25 N, after 4 miles take exit 205 for University Blvd.  Finally turn right at Buchtel Blvd, DU’s Ritchie Center and Barton Stadium will be on your left.  
  • Player pick up and drop off location in front of the DU Ritchie Center located at 2240 Buchtel Blvd, Denver, CO 80210.

University of Denver Map:
A PDF of DU's campus is attached. You will be able to locate both Barton Stadium and Diane Wendt turf fields on the map. The stadium and turf fields are next to one another on campus. Parking in Lot 108 is also highlighted on this overhead map

Parking for the DU Pioneer all Team Challenge:

  • Parking Lot 108 will be accessible and free all weekend. Lot 108 can be found on the DU map attached. 
  • Available hours to park for the weekend:
  • Saturday: 6am - 9:30pm
  • Sunday: 6am - 4pm
  • Should Lot 108 be full, there is all day street parking available in the vicinity of East Jewell Avenue & South Franklin Street, four blocks west of Barton Stadium.
  • Streets closer to Barton Stadium will be available to park for free on Sunday.

Concessions, Restaurants & Saturday's Lunch:

  • Concessions will be available throughout the duration of the tournament. The concession stand is located directly underneath Barton Stadium.
  • Lunch will be provided on Saturday for all coaches. 
  • There are many restaurants within walking distance of Barton Stadium. A list of restaurants will be located at the Information Table.